Monday, November 8, 2010

Energy Vampires and their symptoms

Energy vampires are beings who cannot produce enough energy or any energy at all to mentally "survive" the day to day tasks needed in society today. Energy Vampires, hereon called EVs, crave the energy of their friends, family, and lovers. They tend to have four distinct personality traits.

1) Those who are narcissistic, who continually places their own desires ahead of everyone, always. These people are more likely to be in a position of authority where they can inflict the most damage to their underlings. These can also show up in the relationship, often the EV as the dominate on in the relationship. Some signs of this can be a co-worker or lover going to the EV and specifically telling them something, say complaining about their offensive language, and the EV deliberately ignoring the request. Sometimes the pleasure from this is obvious.

2) Those who have a love/hate relationship with everyone around them, constantly driving people away only to bring them back, often described as push/pull relationships. Some signs of this is the EV will call a lover up and meet with them, have a great time, then vanish, often making the lover worried and frustrated. Sometimes the EV will make rude phone calls or texts only to call later to apologize.

3) Those who believe they are a constant victim. Sometimes these EV believe the world is literally out to get them. They make excuses as to why they are not the problem, and blame others for their mistakes, even if it was obviously them who did it. These EV look for sympathetic people who try to console them or comfort them, but often the EV turns on the people who try to help, ultimately destroying all their relationships.

4) Those who are extremely controlling and seek to invalidate everyone else's thoughts, dreams, and opinions. These people start discussions and debates and always dominate the conversation, ending the debate with their thoughts and presenting them as facts even if they are not. These people try to control everyone around them.

All of these types of EVs feed off the energy gained from others emotions, which are usually negative. There is a certain amount of addictiveness to EVs, with the most addictive one being the love/hate type. People who tend to be around a certain EV will experience consuming thoughts about the EV, especially if they are romantically involved. All of the victims exhibit symptoms of a type of withdrawal once away from said EV, but the most evident is with the love/hate EVs. Some of the symptoms include:

headache, irritability, an inability to concentrate on anything other than the EV, drowsiness, insomnia and pain in the stomach, upper body, and joints

and with prolonged exposure: restlessness, fidgetiness, nervousness, insomnia muscle twitching, a rambling flow of thought and speech, irritability, irregular or rapid heart beat when thinking of the EV, psychomotor agitation, mania, depression, lapses in judgment, disorientation, disinhibition, delusions

Protection from an EV is a relatively simple matter. Place a barrier around you, or you can place a barrier around the EV so it does not feed off of others around. Generally, staying away from the EV also works, but the feelings of withdrawal will still linger until the bond is broken, much like a normal substance that is addictive. Going back to the EV will worsen things, again much like an addictive substance. The longer the exposure, the harder it is to leave.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Lord and Lady

I believe in the Lord and Lady, or the God and Goddess as some say. I believe in multiple gods and goddesses, which would make me polytheistic. My Lord and Lady don't have a name, but a good portion of other pagans already know who their deity is.

My deities are not Satan. I don't believe in the christian idea of Satan, or Hell for that matter. I believe there is a place that everyone goes, good and bad, who are stripped of most of their memories and are reborn again. I believe that the Lord goes through many cycles of his life, just like the Lady and us humans. He descends into the Summerlands, where he is reborn again. These are the general things that Wiccan's believe.

As for me, I think that all pantheons have their own histories that can be true, and that most of them overlap.

The Lord and Lady are not entirely good, but they are not entirely evil either. They have Their own personalities and quarks like humans, and they have feelings, if not the same as ours. Loki is the God of Mischief in the Norse pantheon and He plays tricks on His followers that can sometimes be considered cruel. But He also defends and protects His believers, and harshly deals with people who harm His own.

The Deities have given people special abilities that help, or sometimes can hinder, our lives. Most people shy away from Their gift, but more and more people are accepting it.

I would say that They are accepting and do not judge, but I would be lying. But despite this, They are always willing to help us out and protect us. We as witches try to build a relationship with our Gods, and most serious followers succeed. Sometimes we may never know the names of our Gods, sometimes we are told from the start. But it doesnt matter who They are as long as we know They are there.

I think one of the best parts of my beliefs is that I don't need a priest or priestess to talk to the Divine. I can talk to Them whenever I want to, about anything. To me it is like a love relationship. Sometimes we have fights, other times we couldn't agree more, and sometimes its a one sided battle. But the relationship still continues despite everything. Its a feeling of having Them right by you, not as a superior, but as a best friend, a parent, and almost an equal. Its not like the way I felt when I was in church, that God was some unreachable deity who didn't care about someone as insignificant as me.

I am still working on my relationship with Them, but I love them nonetheless.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting Started on Magick

Well, since I decided to change this blog from a personal one to a religious one, Ills start off by clearing some of the myths of paganism and explaining some of the major beliefs in Wicca. Most of the beliefs in Wicca are shared throughout paganism, no matter what tradition or sect. From here on, I will refer to Wicca or any other sect as the broad term Paganism.

Firstly, Paganism is NOT Satanism. It IS NOT Satanism. Pagans do not even believe in the Christian's concept of the Devil or Hell. There are people who believe in Lucifer, but that's for another post.

Second, Paganism is not some fad that teens wear to rebel against their parents. Paganism is a religion, with its own rules, that is something to be taken seriously. It can be a life changing event. Kids who use it like a fad are just looking for attention in school.

Wiccans believe in no harm, and the threefold law. Those beliefs carry on to Paganism. The Wiccan rede states "an ye harm none, do what ye will". But that means you can't hurt yourself either. And the threefold law is whatever you send out comes back times three.

And one of the biggest differences between Christianity and Paganism is that Pagans don't actively convert people. If you want to be a pagan, you search for yourself.

That's all I have for now. Til later.