Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Initiation Poem


I stand before Thee naked,
Bound by my hands and ankle,
Blinded by the cloth upon my eyes.
For a moment I am helpless, yet calm.

I feel the dagger against my neck,
Cold, powerful, threatening.
The question comes to me in darkness
And I answer in perfect love and perfect trust.

Away comes the blindfold,
Cut loose are those which bind me
And I am embraced in Thine arms,
Forevermore to walk the Sacred Path.

My love for Thee knows no bounds,
My heart bursts at the presences of You.
This ease that washes over me brings tears,
For my soul has always known Thine loving touch.

I am free so completely.
I am not the same person any longer.
I begin this Path washed clean.
Nothing can hold me back now.

And I shall walk with my Brothers and Sisters
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,
For they knew what I now know
And will never have to explain.

Words pale in comparison,
None exist that can begin to reach this,
For I have challenged the Darkness within
And I have won.

And now I see for the first time.
Now, I truly see before me.
Life will never be the same...
My Initiation unto Thee.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Price of Being Pagan

Here are links to current issues of discrimination and harassment that pagans face in this age and time in the 21st century. Most of the info is compiled on the Wild Hunt links, but Jason gives plenty of links himself in the news he publishes, so if you want some other sources, go look there. Most of this stuff I found is within the last few months, but some others are a couple years old. The oldest would be the Tempest Smith article, but I think the next oldest one was in 2009. I didnt do a good combing, nor did I add the list of instances some other pagans have sent me, but this is a good start.

Not mentioned are the cases of children being taken away, of the numerous houses and businesses that have been vandalized in past years, of jobs lost, of threats to our lives, of laws passed against us, of the permeable fear that runs in our community from being outed and losing everything we ever cared about, of our families divorcing over these issues. These things continue to happen, and will probably keep happening if the Pagan community does nothing to reach out and stop these events. Click on the odd colored words for the links.

Jamyi Witch, accused of taking hostage a prisoner and raping him. The prisoner, by the way, is a known rapist and psychopath.

Here also is a wiki about the previous discrimination of Jamyi Witch. I know wiki is not the best source, but it does a good job.

The court case Patrick McCollum lost over the rights of pagans in California prisons.

Here also is an account of discrimination to both Patrick and Starhawk herself.

Some info on a bunch of burnings in Africa of accused witches, and a video too. Warning, the video is graphic, but you have to click on a link in the article to see it.

Saved news article about Tempest Smith's death.

The West Memphis Three, accused of killing a young boy as part of a Wiccan blood ritual, finally freed after 18 years.

The murders of Peruvian Shamans.

Attack on a Ukrainan Pagan Temple and assault of a pagan priest there.

"Defining" our religious practices in Virginia.

A Pagan religion being "redefined" to stave off Christian missionaries and cultural eradication.

Accusations of Santeria/Vodun ritual in Florida after animal bodies are found.

Church or Jail? No alternative for Pagans in Alabama

The dangerous NAR and their response to pagans

The controversial Phoenix Goddess Temple and the raid for prostitution

Ritual killings and some other news.

Dogfights over military burials and/or headstones of non-Christian military personnel.

Vandalizing of military widow's property, who were at the heart of getting wiccan symbols on military gravestones.

Response to ignorant Washington Time's article and the Air Force.

Desecration of the Air Force's Pagan Chapel and the subsequent blessing of it.

A fraction of the Native American discrimination.

Hot Topic and a Pagan.

Like I said, this is a fraction of what happens, and most of the articles are within the last few months. Only a handful are from past years. If you have a story, news article, or any other document of discrimination, feel free to share it in the comments.

Blessed be.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Shielding Techniques

Shielding is an easy way to protect yourself. Its portable, strong, simple and you are able to control it. You need to know how to visualize, however.

Technique One - The Bubble

Take a moment to steady yourself and relax. Breathe in slowly, breathe out slowly. Imagine a soap bubble or a bubble gum bubble starting at your mouth. As you breathe out, imagine that bubble getting super big until you are in the middle of the bubble. Make sure that you go slow enough that you keep the image in your mind. Now, really feel that bubble around you, keeping everything negative outside and letting good things come in. Nothing can pop that bubble, not the ground, not others, not anything other than you and only when you want it to go away. Keep it around you until you feel safe again or dont think you need it anymore.

Technique Two - Totem Protection

Some people have a special animal they feel connected to and some people dont know their special animal. If you know your animal, or have one in mind that you want to try, go for it. If not, thats ok too, you can pick an animal you think can protect you, like a wolf, bear, or snake. Im going to use a fox in this example because I love foxes.

Again, steady yourself and relax. Breathe in slowly, breathe out slowly. Now, visualize the fox beside you, as big as you need her/him. She will stay beside you no matter what. Now, visualize anything negative that comes your way is devoured by the fox. It makes her stronger and brighter as she eats it. Anything good that comes your way is shared, as she is a part of you. She will stay with you as long as you want her around.