About Me

Kitsune Yokai had touched upon paganism 8 years ago, but did not really get into it until one fateful day the Gods decided to come into her life, 6 years ago. Since her beginning, she has learned about herbs and the magickal properties of stones, learned about tarot, writes spells and rituals, and now participates in a coven.

In her mundane life, she is a college student, learning to become a livestock and equine veterinarian. She delights in the medical, and is interested in holistic healing.

Her hobbies include anything to do with nature; hiking, gardening, bicycling, horseback riding, and forest walking. She looks forward to hang gliding, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, surfing, and a whole host of other things. Other hobbies include learning in general, and specifically in learning about world religions, biology, psychology, quantum physics, American Sign Language and other languages like German, Spanish, and Latin, and healing.

Kitsune Yokai (in the American first name last name way), literally means Fox Spirit (also translated as Fox Demon) and is an expression of her quest as a pagan. In Japanese lore, Kitsunes are messengers of Inari, the Divine Being of rice and fertility. They are intelligent beings blessed with abilities and are featured in many Japanese myths as helpers, wives, savers and teachers.

Kitsunes are very spiritual beings, and she strives to meet this expectation every day.