Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Initiation Poem


I stand before Thee naked,
Bound by my hands and ankle,
Blinded by the cloth upon my eyes.
For a moment I am helpless, yet calm.

I feel the dagger against my neck,
Cold, powerful, threatening.
The question comes to me in darkness
And I answer in perfect love and perfect trust.

Away comes the blindfold,
Cut loose are those which bind me
And I am embraced in Thine arms,
Forevermore to walk the Sacred Path.

My love for Thee knows no bounds,
My heart bursts at the presences of You.
This ease that washes over me brings tears,
For my soul has always known Thine loving touch.

I am free so completely.
I am not the same person any longer.
I begin this Path washed clean.
Nothing can hold me back now.

And I shall walk with my Brothers and Sisters
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,
For they knew what I now know
And will never have to explain.

Words pale in comparison,
None exist that can begin to reach this,
For I have challenged the Darkness within
And I have won.

And now I see for the first time.
Now, I truly see before me.
Life will never be the same...
My Initiation unto Thee.

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