Monday, February 9, 2009

The Fox and The Bird

Sionnach hit the floor with a crunch. The bones in her arms had just broken, but that was the least of her worries. Thorn was in a rage.
"You *****! How dare you! How dare you bite me like that!" Sionnach had sunken her sharp teeth deep into Thorn, ripping the skin off, just so she could try to run away. He slapped her again, nearly breaking her neck but split her lip open instead. Blood was everywhere. "Stop! I'm sorry! I won't do it again. I'm sorry." Sionnach plead. Thorn paused for a second, anger still on his perfect features, then he turned to the guard, Alister, and spat, "Put her in her chains. Don't feed her, give her drink or talk to her until I decide otherwise. If you disobey me, I will kill you." Thorn stormed out of the room. Sionnach knew better than to think he still wasn't angry, and soon enough she could hear Thorn slaughtering the humans in the feeding pits.
"Are you okay, Volpe?" Alister bent over to check Sionnach's injures. Her wounds had already healed, a gift she was blessed with since she was a child.
"Yeah, I'm fine Al. I thought Thorn told you not to talk to me?" Anger and pain lacing her words.
"I'm not worried about him. It was just an empty threat. Besides, I can kill him in a heartbeat if I wanted." Alister retorted, a little hurt.
Sionnach turned on him suddenly, "Then why haven't you already?! Look at what he does to me! I might not get up the next time. He wouldn't let things like this happen to me..." She started to cry, the familiar darkness swirling in her stomach. Alister lost his kindness at her harsh words and gazed at her. He knew what happened to her when Thorn brought friends over. He knew about the way Thorn treated her, used her. He knew about the only love she ever had and how she lost it all. Alister picked her up and brought her over to the wall, where the chains Thorn installed were. He chained her up and left the room, leaving her alone to cry.
Sionnach wept bitterly. Ever since her lover left her, her life had gone ever downward, spiraling into the darkest of abysses. The emptiness in her soul had gotten wider with every passing day until there was nothing left of her original, playful, peaceful self. All that was for her to offer was a cold, hollow, unfeeling girl. She attempted to take her life many times, but couldn't cut deep enough to end her suffering. The thought of her savior kept the blade from biting too deeply...


** Edited for your viewing pleasures.

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