Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I found my blog again! Ill start posting more here for y'all to see so its more interesting. :)

So what have i been up to? The usual; getting over my head, starting fights with my family and friends, and playing Travian. I have a boyfriend now! He is so lovely, he makes me feel so wonderful. The only downside (that i dont see) is that he is 10 years older than me. But i love him so there.

I work at (An Amusement Park That Have Less Than Seven Flags) as well. Its a good job, hot but good. I cannot actually say its name because if i do, and say something bad about it, i am liable and could not only get fired but have charges pressed on me. Acutally, if I do alot of stuff i could get fired. Like pulling out my phone in front of a Guest (people who come there to play). I could get fired on the spot. Not checking all the safety restraints could get a lawsuit and termination, even if the seats are empty. Speaking ill of the park is also bad, so is not smiling, not saying their slogan, not being nice to the Guests, etc. Such a hassle.

I am bored with life. Just so bored. I can't stand working bc it bores me to the core. And school will only be worse. I can tell you now that i won't have any time at all to be happy. Working working working. I don't see how you people can stand that.

Oh well. Shall we look at the world now? ... No? Ok, maybe later.

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