Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lessons From the Younger Generation

Just recently, the Pagan community lost a great leader, Katrina "Foxglove" Kessler. From The Wild Hunt:

"On April 21st, Katrina Kessler, known by many in the Pagan community as Foxglove, passed away after a car accident in San Diego, California. An up-and-coming figure in our community, Kessler worked at the World of Witches Museum in Salem, starred in, and helped produce, “The Young Witches of Salem,” did reporting and production work with MagickTV, and hosted the video series “Foxglove’s Lost and Found.” Shortly before her death she was working with a community service organization called The Circle in California."
I encourage you to read Jason's post. It is always heart breaking to lose anyone from our community, especially someone as talented and well loved as Foxglove was. May she rest well in the arms of her gods and know that she will be well missed.

In my family tradition, it is customary to not morn the passing of a loved one, but to celebrate her/his life and her/his contributions. For Katrina, it would behoove us younger pagans to take up where she left off, continue her work and walk on the same path as she did. Our elders were once young like us when they contributed to our community. It is our time to make our contributions as well, to help be part of our growing community instead of a following majority.

No matter where you are, you can do something positive, whether it is directly pagan related or not. Volunteering is a great way to help and can help with a positive image. Help out at your local animal shelter, start a club or group at your high school or college, or adopt a highway/pick up litter in your neighborhood. Be open and honest about your spirituality and your religion, be open and honest about your feelings and be the person you want to be. One open pagan is better than one thousand silent pagans.

The best thing you can do is participate. Whatever it is, do something. I promise you that you will feel great doing it too. If you don't know what you can do, you can go to The Witches' Voice and look for shops or community centers that may need volunteers to keep running. If you aren't out yet and feel like you would be harassed if you were open, try volunteering at local facilities (the ASPCA is always needing volunteers and donations). If you have an idea to do something, DO IT! Hesitate long enough to gather your forces and then go for it. Even if you don't think you have a force yet, do it anyway. A great many movements started out with just a handful of people and grew from there. You may be surprised what comes out of your courage.

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