Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Character Script to a Insight To A Teen's Hidden Life

Well now, lets introduce you to all the players to this tragic but entertaining drama. These are the main people in the story. Other smaller characters exist, but for the sake of my hand, these are the ones that matter.

[Main Characters - Good]

Zorra - My love and Absolute Master whom is a "puppy". She is my best friend and I care about her very much. We have a "love triangle" where she owns me, I own Sabelli, and Sabelli owns Zorra. We play in the Bushes every night, and no guys are allowed. hehe.

Kire - Zorra's ex-boyfriend. He is completely obsessed with her and cannot get over her. She "rules [his] thoughts, actions, heart, and dreams." He also likes Mousie.

Kross - Kire's best friend and an annoying person who I swear is insane. He keeps Kire out off most of his worst ideas, but encourages others less dangerous but still distasteful...

Ansien - A good friend of mine and the less weird of the group. He is bi, leaning more to guys (he has a boyfriend. Lets call him Demetri.) then girls. Likes plays, musicals, plays the harp, etc.

Taierie - My Lover. He is the most wondrous, glorious guy I ever met in my whole life. I adore him greatly. The only drawback is that he lives on the East Coast...

[Smaller Characters]

Sabelli - A good friend who used to have art class with me. Very emo and beautiful. (boyfriend is named Selyf. Also emo and smoking hot!)

Belismea - A girl who really needs to let a guy go. He is obviously bad for her, but she keeps coming back to him.

Remina - She has the same problem as Belismea. Same guy too. Same problem.

Rosilen - A friend of mine who is in a lot of stuff. She recently quit doing drugs and is in a wonderful relationship with a great guy.

Dreimei - Annoying girl who has the voice of a dying cat being burned. She has a fiancee who adores me, even asked me out once.

Mousie - cute Mexican girl who is a little out of it all the time. Kire asked her out over myspace then turns around and tells me that he still loves his ex.


Mrs. N - Radical Republican. Brilliant teacher who loves the word "homework". Advanced Placement (AP) English.

Coach H - Stupid PE teacher. Can't make a well trained dog do anything. Female. Volleyball coach.
Coach S - Best coach ever! He is so involved with the kids that he basically has everyone's trust. Health coach. Male.

Mr. V - Another great guy. He is ok, and he has his moments, but I would NOT want to have a disaster near him. He freaks out. He lets me do anything I want as long as I do my work. AP World History. Die hard Christan.

Mrs. P - Well meaning. Yet another teacher who can't make a well trained dog do anything. She also lets me do what I want if my work gets done. Pre AP Algebra. Female.

Mrs. B - Brilliant! I love this teacher. She is a Liberal in every sense. Some of the kids don't like her teaching style, but I like it. She treats us like her children since she doesn't have her own. AP US History.

Mr. A - Quarky guy, english is not his first languge but most of the time you can't tell. He likes to mess with his students. He has an ability to blend in with the other kids in the class if he sits down. Spanish II

Mr. L - I don't like this teacher. He sucks monkey balls, majorly. So does his teaching style. He hates explaining things. Hates it with a passion. He wants us to "figure it out on our own". Ugh. AP Physics.

So many people. Though this is but a fraction of the script, it gives you a small insight. XD

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